Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Celebrate National Library Week

National Library Week  April 9-15, 2017

This is National Library Week. I don't suppose you are going to bake a cake and decorate it to celebrate this annual event. Nor are you going to call a group of your friends to join you at the library for a gabfest. Much too quiet a spot for that type of activity. You can, however, celebrate by making a visit to your local library.

I have been a lover of libraries since I learned to read in first grade. I learned the route to our local library at a young age and walked their at least once a week. I also visited our school library on a frequent basis. Yes, I was the girl who always seemed to have her nose in a book. Yes, I played outside with the other kids but kept that time to a minimum so I had more reading time. All those games we played on the school playground are a thing of the past but reading has served me all the days of my life since I opened that first book.

Once the internet became popular, there was talk of libraries becoming obsolete. Scary thought for those of us who have loved them for so long. Librarians rose to the challenge and began providing more services than had ever been offered before. Card catalogs went out the door and we found what we needed on a computerized catalog system. Technology rooms with time provided at computers and how-to classes popped up. The library became a place where patrons could find more than just books, newspapers and magazines--movies, audio books, music CDs and more are available. 

My local library has a wonderful Children's Room filled with books, computers for the children to use, story times throughout the week, Read To  A Dog sessions on Sunday afternoons and more. 

Those of us who use libraries on a regular basis are aware of these changes. If you're a person who purchases reading material rather than borrow it,make some time to visit your local library or stop in at the library in your child's school. 

I'm reminded of a story my daughter told me when her little girl was about to enter kindergarten. Their family attended a Meet the Teacher night at the school. The school library was not open that evening. As they were walking out of the school, Jordan made a beeline for the school library. She stood by the big glass windows, peering in at all the treasures locked inside. My daughter said it was obvious that Jordan wanted nothing more than to get inside that room with all the books lined up on shelves waiting for her. I saw this great poster honoring school librarians earlier today which gave me a smile. Maybe this little miss will do the same for you.

National School Librarian Day was April 4th

My school librarian in my my K-8 elementary school was Miss Peterson. Sometime during my 9 years at the school, she married and became Mrs. Peterson! What are the odds you would marry a man with the same last name? I will always credit Mrs. Peterson as being the person who taught us to push our chair in after we stood up so that the library tables and chairs always looked neat. To this day, I am often reminded of her as I push my chair in when I leave a table. 

Celebrate Library Week by visiting a library or perhaps by writing a memory story about your experience at a library in your growing-up years. Did you adore it or was it a place that kept you hemmed in when you wanted to be outside playing ball? Did your librarian help you or shush you? Do you have a great fondness for libraries or not? Why? The poster at the top of today's post gives you a good question to answer in writing. Share with us in the comments section.

We are often encouraged to thank a veteran or a military person now serving. We're reminded to thank a teacher for their service to children. Maybe this week you should thank a librarian for what he/she does for you and others in your community. 

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