Thursday, April 13, 2017

Is Writer's Block Real?

Writer's Block is a term we hear on a frequent basis if we are part of the writing world. Even people who are not writers know those words and what they mean. The poor writer sits in front of the computer and cannot come up with anything to say. It's what a lot of writers will tell you is an inevitable part of being a word person.

Is there really such a thing as Writer's Block or is it an excuse? I have a feeling people will line up on both sides of that question. There must be. I say that only because if you google the term, you will get a lengthy list of cures or help for the illness. And yes, I think many writers do consider it an illness. Maybe that's a good thing.

It's good in the respect that we usually get over an illness like a cold, the flu or even chicken pox. So, doesn't that give you encouragement that you will also get over the dreaded virus called Writer's Block? 

The plethora of articles addressing the condition usually offer a certain number of ways to combat the problem. You'll find lots of titles like these. 5 Ways To Fight Writer's Block or The 12 Step Plan For Writer's Block or 10 Ways To End Writer's Block. I made up those titles but I guarantee you'll find many similar ones in google's list. Those numbers used in the titles are meant to give encouragement to suffering writers. Wow! This article is going to give me a step by step program. Maybe it will and maybe it won't.

You might still have the problem after reading the article. More than once, I've asked myself if the well has run dry. We all know ourselves fairly well. We know what makes us tick. We are aware of our pluses and minuses. We know how we react to this possible Writer's Block. If you've had it once, chances are that you'll have it again. 

What about the question that I posed earlier in this post? ...or is it an excuse?  It's possible. There are lazy people in this world and so it stands to reason that there are also some lazy writers. Isn't it easier to sit at your computer and tell yourself you can't write than it is to come up with an idea? I bet you've noticed that nothing comes easy in this world of ours. We have to work at being successful in what we do. 

Here's my list of things I do when I'm having trouble coming up with something to write about:
  • Leave the computer and take a walk, make a phone call, or run an errand.
  • Do a freewrite exercise--amazing what will come into your mind from the photo prompts or word prompt exercises.
  • Read a book or magazine for awhile; other peoples' writing might trigger your own.
  • Have a cup of coffee or a soda and analyze yourself to see if you can pinpoint the why part of your Writer's Block.
  • Pull out something you wrote that you especially like and read it again; prove to yourself that you can write. 
What do you do if and when Writer's Block hits you? Help another writer by sharing in our comments section. 

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