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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Write About Summer Memories

                                                                    Summer's Song

Sing to me of
marshmallow clouds
and rainbow skies,
of baseball games and
ice cream cones,
buttercups and

Tell me about
white sand beaches
and clear blue lakes,
county fairs and
lemonade stands,
lightning bugs and
                                      ---Nancy Julien Kopp

Right now, we in the northern hemisphere are switching into summer clothes, end-of-school festivities and ready to jump into those things we only dream about on cold, winter days. 

I haven't done a post on your childhood memories to be put into your Family Stories Book for quite some time. Today seemed like a good time to do that. Think back to your growing-up years. The questions below should help trigger some memories that you can write about and add to your book. Or it may trigger an idea for a poem like mine above, or a story.

  • What did your school do to mark the end of the school year?
  • Where did you swim?
  • What summer chores did you have?
  • Who did you play with on summer days?
  • Did you read books?
  • Were you into sports?
  • What kind of foods did you mother serve in summer?
  • Did you go on long hikes or bike rides?
  • Do you remember big summer thunderstorms?
  • Did family come to visit during the summer?
  • Did your family visit others in your famly?
  • Did you hve an annual family reunion?
  • What was it like in your house on very hot days?
  • How did you cool off?
  • What were your favorite summer beverages?

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