Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Slowdown For Writers

I just turned my calendars to June. One from Prague shows the Old Town Square, famed for its moving characters clock. The K-State calendar pictures the K-State Gardens Old Dairy Barn amid a glorious burst of flowers. The third one has a picture of rough coastal waters, boulders and a lighthouse in Canada. Not one of them tells me what my writing priorities should be this month.

It's good to take stock of what lies ahead in your writing world on the first day of a new month. You should:
  • Check deadlines
  • Follow-up on submissions you are wondering about
  • See what contests are available to enter this month
  • Make a list of projects that need your attention
  • Number them in order of importance
  • Jot down any writing craft books you would like to read
  • If you're in a writing group, what are your commitments this month
June is one of those months when it's hard to stay inside and devote yourself to growing as a writer. Look what's calling:
  • Days of sunshine and flowers 
  • The beach 
  • Picnics 
  • Day trips with your family
  • Lazy, hazy days of summer--the song was right
  • Books to be read
  • Vacations
So what are you suppose to do? Give all that up? Not necessarily. You can:
  • Move your writing spot outside
  • It's possible to write at the beach in-between having fun there
  • Take the kids on a picnic but take your notebook with you'
  • Vacations often mean airports and what better way to use all that wait time than to write?
  • Days are longer so you can read some of those books on your list
The one thing I would warn against is to stop all writing activity in lieu of those summer activities. Stop writing and it's much harder to get going again. Slow down but do not stop! You can still have a great summer.

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