Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dream A Little

Sunday was my birthday. It was a day filled with calls, facebook messages, emails greetings and cards. All of that brings family and friends just a bit closer than on a normal day. It kind of made my day.

I remembered this birthday poster that is in my collection so pulled it up and absorbed the words. What, I asked myself, are my birthday dreams? There are many in my personal and family life but I also considered my writing life.

Dreams I Have For My Writing Life

  • That my health holds up so I can continue the journey
  • That I keep growing as a writer
  • That I see mu juvenile novel published
  • That I continue to enjoy helping other writers through this blog
  • That I stay a useful part of my online writing group
  • That I have more work published
  • That I continue to love to write
  • That more of my blog readers will sign on as Followers
They sound like goals and I suppose they are, in a way. They're also dreams that are possible. I know I'll never write a bestselling novel and that's OK. I'm satisfied if I can accomplish what is on this list.
What are your dreams for your writing life?

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