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Friday, June 3, 2016

Think Before You Type

Do you believe this guy? He looks like he's just hanging out with nothing on his mind. You might be wrong if that is what you think. 

There's a great deal more to writing than typing the words that people will one day read. 

Story Ideas
Writers are looking for story ideas 24/7. Yes, even in their sleep because dreams can bring inspiration for a story, too. If you see a writer in the grocery store picking peaches out of a bin, he/she may be thinking about how peaches can figure into a work in progress. If you see a writer at a child's baseball game, he/she might be cheering for a certain child but rest assured he/she is also looking for a story idea. 

Character Study
At that same baseball game, the writer appears intent on the game but could also be doing some character studies of the players, coaches, parents. Perfect spot to have a wide range of types of humans. Don't forget the writer who sits in an airport waiting area and studies those who walk by. Or any public place for that matter. 

There's a good deal of thinking about a plot before any typing begins. The writer you see at a coffeehouse, staring into space, is probably making a mental outline for a new project. Or maybe just staring into space. That happens, too! 

Getting Over A Problem Area
We all run into problem areas when writing. Sometimes, it takes a great deal of thought before we can start rewriting the troublesome part. No typing while that thought process takes place

Titles take much thought. Never pick a title lightly. They are of great importance. So think about each one that you jot down in your notebook (not tying at the top of your story yet). Step back and look at each one from the perspective of the reader, not the writer. 

So, that lazy-looking dude in the photo is probably working hard. He's just not typing yet!

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