Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Pleasure Part Of Writing

Truman Capote shares something we should consider. We talk day after day about the difficulties writers face. You know the ones--rejections, finding the right title, grammar and spelling, writing with emotion and more. 

We know all the problems we encounter as writers but what about the pleasures? What in your writing life makes you feel satisfied? Or happy? Or even thrilled? Or just contented? 

Some of the pleasures in my writing life are:

1. getting an acceptance from an editor

2. finishing a writing project

3. writing phrases that sing back to me 

4. finding an idea for a new story

5. hearing from readers

6. watching a story grow bit by bit

7. placing in a contest

8. getting a critique with more positives than negatives

9. knowing that my writing may be helpful to some readers

10. receiving comments on my blog posts

11. mingling with other writers at conferences

12. chatting with other writers online

13. doing something I love

14. stringing words together that make sense

15. sharing my experiences with others

Make your own list of the parts of your writing life that bring pleasure to you. Then, the next time the negatives rear up and hiss at you, read the list to remind yourself why you continue to write.

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