Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How Do You Relate To This Quote?

Maybe some of the poster quote today relates to your writing life.

1. You might be stronger because you've learned to accept constructive criticism from others. You have had enough rejections of your work to toughen your skin. You had to be stronger if you wanted to continue your writing journey.

2. You are probably smarter because you made mistakes. After making those errors in life, you know what to do when you meet the same situation again.

3. You're most likely happier because you've put the sadness of not making the kind of strides in your writing life that you had hoped to. Dwelling on the negative parts of your journey only makes you sadder. Learning to overcome that feeling will definitely help in the happiness department.

4. Are you wiser because of what you learned from your writing life? I'm betting that you are. The keyword here is learned. Three people might experience the same situation in life but not all will become wiser.

Are you a perfect person if you can say 'yes' to all four of the above? No, but you may be a better person. You may be a writer who pursues his/her goals with a positive outlook. You may be more successful in writing publishable work than the person who puts a not before those four special words--stronger, smarter, happier and wiser. Read the quote again and insert not before each of the four words noted here. Which person are you?  The positive quote or the negative? Some of us might fall in-between or we might be positive on two or three but not the fourth one.

This quote definitely gave me food for thought. How about you?

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