Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sounds Easy But....

Every writer has a dream of being published, maybe being the author of a bestseller. Dream a little more and you might see yourself as a household name someday. But the dream is only the beginning.

You must have faith in yourself with an I think I can attitude like the hero in The Little Engine That Could. Self-doubt has no place here so push it aside. 

By writing on a regular basis--your action--you make writing a part of life that you can no longer do without. It's you! It's your pleasure and it's your pain at times, too. 

Now, add that perseverance that I so often talk about on this blog. You've heard me say over and over that perseverance is one of the key actions a writer must always strive for. When you persist, your writing dream becomes a goal to be achieved. It's a longterm goal. Not gonna happen overnight.

You've also heard me say over and over again that patience is also one of the key actions in a writer's bag of tools. It's so easy to tell a writer to be patient but much harder to practice personally. Part of patience is time, for writing success rarely comes quickly. We clilmb the ladder to writing success one rung at a time. Sometimes it seems that ladder might reach above the clouds. Stay with it and you'll not be disappointed.

The last part of the quote goes right back to the dream in the beginning. Do all these things stated it tells us and we'll achieve our dream. It sounds so easy but you and I know that there is a great deal of heard work, disappointments, time and toil involved, as well. 

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