Friday, July 31, 2015

Time To Confess

Month of August Summer

OK, so this is still July but it's the very last day of July and tomorrow we welcome the 8th month of the year--August. Hot, crammed with last of summer activities, schools beginning in many parts of the country and back-to-school shopping--that's what we think of.

For me, this August is going to be filled with something else. Submissions! I was looking at my Submission Record for 2015 yesterday and was startled to see that I had not submitted anything since early May. Me! The woman who is constantly hounding readers to submit their work. I've said things like It can't be published if you don't submit. Keep the submission ferris wheel going. 

I should blush a bit but I'm not embarrassed. Instead, I'm disgusted and a little bit angry with myself. I am the one who slacked off. Life's been pretty busy in the past three months, more so than usual, but I could and should have done a better job of keeping up with my writing and submitting. 

I let life get in the way of my writing journey. It happens to nearly all writers now and then. I kept up with writing the blog posts and my requirements in my online writing group so I didn't let writing go completely.However, I neglected to check markets and submit stories I had on file or write new ones. 

So what's the solution? I'm going to devote more time to writing and submitting this month. It will mean that I have to cut back somewhere else. Maybe my social life or maybe cleaning projects that can be put off awhile. I can get up a little earlier or go to bed a little later. Maybe I won't be reading as many novels as I have recently. There are ways to get snippets of time to use for writing. 

How about you? Do you find yourself slacking off a bit more in the summertime? If you have children at home, that's got to cause an increase in attention to them and a decrease in writing time. 

If you do less and less writing, is it easier to let it go than to pursue your writing goals again? Want to join me in spending more time this month on the writing path? 

I hope to have several submissions listed under August 2015 by the end of the month. Am I challenging myself? Absolutely! 

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