Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't Stay With the Same Old, Same Old

Spring Flower Garden

I used this picture today because it made me feel happy when I first saw it. If you've still got snow on the ground, it should do your heart good, as well. Even if you already have some of these spring flowers blooming in your yard, I bet you'll still smile when you see them. The picture has nothing to do with today's post. I just wanted to share this.

Maybe the picture does illustrate today's topic. Notice that there are different kinds and colors in this flower garden. They all seem to thrive quite well side by side. You can do the same if you try different types of writing. It's not necessary to stay with only one. 

What if you've had some success in writing feature articles for magazines and newspapers? Should you stay with what has worked well for you? Or should you venture into the field of short fiction? Or perhaps a short memoir piece? Maybe you could try your hand at poetry. 

If you attempt any of the other types of writing, it doesn't mean that you'll need to abandon the feature article writing at all. You can still make that your main type but experiment with some of the others now and then. You might find that you love writing memoir pieces or adore the process of creating a poem. 

If you write novels, it could be difficult to find the time to try shorter fiction or poetry or personal essays. But maybe it would be fun. You won't know unless you give it a try. 

If you're a poet who writes nothing but sonnets, try another form of poetry. There are several to choose from. 

I'm the kind of writer who would get bored writing nothing but creative nonfiction. I know that is where my greatest strength lies and I've had the most success in this kind of writing. Even so, I love to write occasional fiction, especially fiction for children of the 8-12 year old group. I also enjoy writing a poem now and then.Writing this blog five days a week is pure pleasure for me as it's a totally different kind of writing than I normally do.. Like the garden in the photo, I prefer variety. 

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