Friday, March 20, 2015

Some Bloom Later Than Others

Spring Daffodils

My neighbor across the street has a bed of daffodils next to her front steps. We have dozens of daffodils at the base of a group of trees in ourfront yard. The neighbor's daffodils are in full bloom announcing that spring is here. 

Ours are nowhere near ready to bloom as we face north. My neighbor gets more sun with the south exposure. Lucky her. Poor us. On the other hand, whenever I look out the window, I get the pleasure of seeing her yellow daffodils. She's also put two pots of pansies on the porch steps. Glorious!

Writers are much the same--some bloom much sooner than others. We can't blame the sun for being the reason some writers make rapid jumps in their writing career while others move at a slower pace..

It's possible that those who have more success and more quickly are the ones who work the hardest. They are the writers who spend time researching markets that fit their kind of writing. They're the ones reading the reference books about writing. They're the ones that attend conferences, subscribe to writer's newsletters and join critique groups. They create that south exposure so theyll bloom sooner.

The writers who face north and are the last to bloom are the ones who isolate themselves from other writers. They're the ones who avoid social media to spread the word about their writing. The ones who never read a book about writing, don't attend conferences and shun writing groups. They prefer to do it all on their own. That's admirable in some respects but maybe they progress at a slower pace in their writing journey. 

The direction you choose as a writer is a personal decision. Some of the decision comes about because of the many differences in personality as well as the amount of passion you have for writing. There is no completely right method or all wrong method of approaching your writing path. I can give you tips and encouragement but it's you who much choose which kind of writer you will be. 

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