Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Can Everyone Write Humorous Stories?

This picture made me laugh. Doesn't this little guy look like he's having the time of his life? Joy is written all over his furry little face. 

Laughter is good for us, or so say the many articles in women's magazines and newspapers. Laughter releases physical tension and stress, if even only momentarily. Read the health benefits of laughter in this article from Web MD.

Writing humor is a gift that not all of us have. One of the women in my online writing group is masterful when it comes to getting a laugh out of the printed word. Others try and try and just fall flat. 

Once again, showing what is funny seems to work better than telling. Also, sublte remarks can come across as humorous. People don't need to be hit over the head with a cooking pot to see the humor in what is written on the page. 

I recently read a novel where the author tosses in quip after quip. Somehow, it worked in this book. I found myself smiling or snickering at many of the tiny little remarks she made. 

There are varying kinds of humor from the purely slapstick stuff to the subtle little quips. You don't have to evoke a deep down belly laugh from the humor you write. A little laugh or a wide smile or a 'I feel good" kind of thing all work. 

Erma Bombeck made a career out of writing humorous essays about life and her own family. There are others who have walked on her path. Many magazines feature a humorous look at life on one page. 

Dahlynn and Ken McKowen started an anthology series that features a lot of humor. Their Not Your Mother's Book on... books have many very funny stories. Check out their website and see what titles they have already done and others that are to come. Their books are fun, not risque. 

If you enjoy reading humorous stories, why not give writing one a try? Before you do, google 'writing with humor' and do some reading. When I googled, a lot of articles popped up. Sift through and choose 3 or 4 to read. It just might inspire you.

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