Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gift The World With Words

Have you ever given thought to how many writers there are in this world? Check out all the items in your home that require reading. It's a lengthy list:

Directions on foods to prepare
Church Bulletins
Newsletters from various organizations
Children's Books and magazines
Telephone Directory
Other organization directories
Directions on medicine and supplement bottles

I'm sure there are some I've overlooked. The point is that someone had to write all those things we read.

Consider the daily newspaper you read (if you read one). Estimate the number of writers it takes to produce the daily paper, then multiply that by the number of daily papers there are in our country alone. An astounding number of writers.

Go to your local library or bookstore. Guesstimate the number of books on the shelves. An amazing number of people wrote those books. Not every bookstore or library has the same books, so the number keep climbing as you determine the number of writers who produce books for us to read.

What about people who write advertising copy? Or who write all those directions we read. Or the ones who assemble directories for our use. That's a form of writing, too. As well as newsletters and yearbooks for groups. Then, there are playwrights, screenplay writers, writers who put the news reports together for TV anchors.

Add them up and there are thousands of writers in the USA. Add the ones around the world and it would be a number meant to make you dizzy.

You and I are writers but we're only a tiny dew drop in the rainstorm of numbers of people who write. Some earn their living writing. Some, like me, are hobbyist writers. It makes one wonder if one little writer in a group that big can make a difference to anyone who reads. I vote yes on that. We all give something to others through our writing, whether we have thousands of readers or a dozen. Each and every one is important.

Writers gift the world with words. Be proud to be a part of that.


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