Monday, August 11, 2014

Home Is Where The Work Waits!

Our vacation is now classified under Memories To Savor and it's time to get back to work. We spent all day Friday traveling from Prague to Kansas City on three flights. All went well until we had our final connection in Chicago where it took us two hours to get through immigration, customs and security. Then found our flight gate for the Kansas City hop had been changed three times! We sat on the runway for 45 minutes beyond our departure time. Twooverly- tired people tried hard not to become grumpy. Overseas travel with multiple flights and airports is hard work!

We spent the night at an airport hotel and drove the two hours home early Saturday morning. I spent the weekend going through mail/email, phone messages, unpacking and doing mountains of laundry. So today, it's time to step into my writing world again. The picture in today's post is pretty accurate as I seem to have piles of stuff in my office and around my computer as well as multiple mental notes I made while in Germany and the Czech Republic.

I checked email while we were away on a daily basis but there was no time to read the writing newsletters, calls for submissions and writing group critiques thoroughly, just scanned most. I need to go back through those messages and glean the golden nuggets to be found among them.

I also need to work on a skeleton of a poem that I started writing one afternoon in a small village in the Czech Republic that had once been a concentration camp. Again, there was not enough time to write much more than the occasional blog post while we were on our trip. The short visit to Terezin and the commentary by our Tour Director made me want to write about it. A phrase kept repeating itself in my mind, so I grabbed a tour schedule paper from my purse and scribbled a few lines on the back. The bare beginnings of this poem became like an itchy spot in the middle of my back--a place I couldn't reach to scratch--with the itch still there, a poem begging to be written but no time to do so. At least, I have those lines to use to bring back the feelings I had in the little village with a sad history.

I've not participated in my online writing group for nearly three weeks now, and that's another itchy spot that begs to be scratched. Today, I will jump in and start critiquing and hopefully have something to sub by week's end.

I love traveling but I've missed my writing world and my writing friends. Once home, we need to get back on track as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the easier it is to keep delaying.

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