Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Do You Know About Creative Nonfiction?

Questions and Answers On Writing Creative Nonfiction

What is creative nonfiction? Writing a true story with the same literary techniques we use when writing fiction to report on an event, a place or a person.

What is the most important factor?  Truth

What does it do? The author tells a story, thereby entertaining the reader, but presents factual information. The author shares his/her own feelings for the topic.

What kinds of stories are included in creative nonfiction? Travel writing, science writing, nature writing, food writing, memoirs, biography, personal essays

 How do I tell a true story in this manner? 

         A. Show more than you tell

   B.  Use sensory details (seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting)

   C.  Open with a hook just as you would in a fiction story.

   D.  Consider the importance of setting

   E.  Story—not just a bunch of facts

   F.  Characterization brings the story to life

   G.  Dialogue (be careful here)

H.     Add tension, if even in small amounts

I.        You still have to make a point or send a message

J.       Use similes and metaphors to give some life to the story

K.    Use strong verbs

L.      Vivid description

  1. Where can I market my creative nonfiction?  Newspapers, ezines and websites online, magazines that fit your topic, anthologies

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