Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Ship Full of Stories

It goes without saying that I am someone always on the lookout for a story.  Since we've been on this trp, I've been surrounded with dozens of stories.

A ship with 90 passengers is bound to be loaded with varied and interesting stories. There is open seating for meals so we eat with many different people who hail from all over our 50 states. Many are seasoned travelers while some arenewbies. But they all interest me in one way or another.

One couple married at age 49, she a fifth and sixth grade teacher and he a school social worker. They have been married 43 years and still hold hands when walking down the street.

Another couple have each been married 3 times. She is a registered medical technition and he a former Air Force member, commercial pilot and physics teacher in a private school.

Every encounter brings forth yet another story. I should be taking notes!

Wherever you are, there are stories but you are the one who must harvest them.

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