Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy News For This Writer

My good news for today is that my story Off the Hook made it into a brand new Not Your Mother's Book... This one is filled with stories about being a mom. 64 stories that will make you smile, laugh out loud and nod your head in agreement--if you're a mom, or even if you had a mom.

The release date for this newest volume in the anthology series is April 8, 2014.

You can submit stories for other titles in the works and some yet to come. Read the submissions page carefully. You'll find book titles on the lefthand column. Take some time to click on each one to find some suggestions for the kind of stories the publisher is seeking.

Off The Hook is a story about my son. When he was about 11, something happened one morning that made me realize he was growing up, that he was taking notice of girls, that maybe it was time to have The Talk with him. And that brought back memories of how I learned how babies came to be--not from my mother or father--but from a classmate whose dad happened to be a doctor. Who was going to have this conversation with my son? Me or his dad? One guess as to who would do it.

I know I'm in good company with the authors of the other 63 stories in this soon-to-be-released anthology.

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