Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Get Past The Negatives

I subscribe to a blog that Christian writer, Donna Clark Goodrich writes weekly. The blog title is A Step in the Write Direction. In this week's edition, Donna wrote something that had been inspired by the Sunday sermon she heard at her church. She used parts of what she heard to apply to the writing world. I liked it so well that I asked her if I might use it in my own blog. She graciously gave me permission to do so. You can take a look at Donna's website and blog here.

This is what she featured in her blog. These are three reasons that many writers become discouraged with an answer to all three at the end. Certainly, we have all had some negative thoughts like these at one time or another in our writing life. Any one of the things in this list could end a writing life. But then, look at the solution at the end. Time and again, I have read quotes by authors who say they are called to write, compelled to write, or have a need to write. Others call it a passion. It doesn't matter what word you use, it matters that you feel it, that you follow it and that you persevere no matter how many negatives pop up along your writing journey.

·        I don’t have a college education; nevertheless, I will keep on writing…because—
·        I don’t get any support from my family and friends; nevertheless, I will keep on writing…because—.
·        All I get are rejections without even a personal note or a reason; nevertheless, I will keep on writing…because—
I am called to write!!

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