Friday, February 28, 2014

The Publishing Syndicate Newsletter

I've written a few times about the Not Your Mother's Book on.... anthology series published by Ken and Dahlynn McKowen. So far, I've had a story in their book on Travel and have hopes of being in others as I've submitted several stories to them.

The McKowens also publish a monthly newsletter called The Wow Principles. The e-newsletter for February marks a milestone for them--100 newsletters in 100 months. The newsletter offers tips for writers, calls for submissions, articles on the craft of writing and more.

The February issue highlights comments from readers about lessons learned from reading the monthly issues. The comments begin on page 2 and if you check carefully, you may find a comment from yours truly. It's the second one listed. Reading all the comments should make you want to subscribe.

Read the February issue of The Wow Principles. Next take a look at the website. Scroll down the page and check the right hand side to find the place where you can sign up as a subscriber to the monthly newsletter. There's a lot of other information on the website about The Publishing Syndicate for writers.

Here are a few book covers from the anthology series.

Not Your Mother's Book on TravelNot Your Mother's Book on Being a Parent

NYMB On Being a stupid Kid

Not Your Mother's Book on Home Improvement

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  1. You always have a tip up your sleeve that I wasn't aware of! Thanks!