Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Book Released Today

Today's the day that the newest title in the Not Your Mother's Book.. anthology series is being released. This is the fourth title thus far with many more to come. Earlier themes were On Being A Woman, Dogs, and On Being A Stupid Kid. 

My story, There's A Small Hotel, is included in the book. You can order the book from Amazon here. It comes in both print and ebook editions. Click on the book cover that says Look Inside to see the table of contents and a little more. I like being able to do that on Amazon. It's akin to standing in a bookstore thumbing through a book to determine if you think you'll like it or not. 

I scanned through the table of contents and recognized several author names besides my own. It's always nice to be in the company of friends.

My story is about a hotel we stayed in several nights when driving through Germany one summer. We spent 4 nights at this charming place which turned out to be a Hungarian hotel in Germany. With a Hungarian computer keyboard. And a charming Hungarian owner. 

Anthology books make a nice gift plus they're great to leave on your bedside table to pick up and read for a short time before drifiting off to sleep. I like the fact that you can enjoy the book in dribs and drabs rather than read straight through like a novel. 

Check your local bookstore for copies of this series, too. If they don't have it, suggest that they order these 4 titles. As the cover says, it's A New Anthology for a New Century

For writers, take a look at the submission guidelines and the future titles listed on the lefthand side of the page. Click on each title to learn more about the kind of story they are seeking.

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