Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Writing Exercise--Finding Spring

It's been a hard winter around the USA and we're all gnashing our teeth waiting for a spring that seems determined to stay in hiding. Writers find much in the changing seasons to write about. Poets especially feature poems on one of the four seasons or something that represents a season. Weather plays a definite roll in each part of our year, as well.

I couldn't resist using the picture above of the little girl smelling the lilacs. For a writing exercise, compose a paragraph describing what you see here. Use as many sensory details as possible. Does she smell, see, hear, touch or even taste? Use the sensory details but be careful not to overdo. A little goes a long way.

Next, try writing a short poem using the picture as inspiration. Use the picture and your desire to see spring in full bloom. Send your efforts to me via the comment section. 

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