Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Needed--Holiday Stories

Silver Boomer Books has need of submissions for an anthology of holiday stories. The working title of the planned book is Times To Remember--A Pocketful of Holidays. I hope they end up keeping that title as I find it most appealing. It would make me pick up the book when browsing in a bookstore.

Dixon Hearne edited a book called Thanksgiving To Christmas and wanted to create a sequel highlighting other holidays of the year. You can read more about Mr. Hearne and the proposed book here.

Becky Haigler, Editor/Partner of Silver Boomer Books says that stories on Thanksgiving and Christmas will be accepted but your chances of acceptance will be higher if your story, essay or poem highlights another holiday in the year.

Scroll down this page to the section headed How We Want It for full guidelines on the submission process. Follow the guidelines carefully. Payment is $5 for poetry and $10 for prose plus one copy of the book. It's not much in comparison to some other anthologies. You need to decide if publication and a bio about you is worth taking a smaller amount of pay. I have had a story in one Silver Boomer book and was pleased with the copy I received.

Give thought to sending something about the other holidays we celebrate. Look at the list below and see if something acts as a trigger for a story or poem. You may think of others, too.

1.  President's Day
2.  Valentine's Day
3.  St. Patrick's Day
4.  Easter
5.  Passover
6.  Flag Day
7.  Independence Day
8.  Mother's Day
9.  Father's Day
10. Arbor Day
11. Labor Day
12. Halloween
13. Veteran's Day

And yes, they will accept reprints if you let them know where the story was previously published.

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