Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thursday Post on Wednesday Night

Our family time in Colorado is drawing to an end. Our children and their families are heading home Thursday morning. One family will head east to the Kansas City area while the other one goes south and east to Dallas, Texas. Because we all live in different cities, our times spent together are few. We manage either Thanksgiving or Christmas, alternating them every other year. We make the most of these times.

Lots of memories are brought up. Things that happened when our children were quite small, some from their teen years, college years and weddings. Today is our daughter's ninth wedding anniversary and many memories of her wedding came up at our dinner this evening.

It's these family memories that many of my stories come from. One day, they will all be in  written form for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It's wonderful to tell the family stories around the dinner table, but it's so important to write them down in some form. Otherwise, they get lost through the years. Those stories may not be of great importance to anyone but your family, but they will become treasures as the years go by.

Even so, I've had many readers tell me that my family stories are something they can relate to as ome of their memories are very similar. So please do write those stories and market them and/or keep them for your loved ones. I have and I feel they may be my greatest legacy.

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