Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bad Time In A Beautiful Spot

Wbe e've been enjoying the time here in Vail, CO with our family. Last evening we had a bad experience in a restaurant that came highly recommended.. There were ten of us, and we were seated on the outdoor deck on a beautiful evening. Our view of the mountains and the European style Vail Village buildings was like the kind of thing you dream about when at home doing your daily routine.

We ordered drinks and our meals and sat there reminiscing, watching the people stroll by and soaking up the atmosphere. Then, it all changed. Four people in our group of ten had to send meals back because of being overdone.. That's a pretty high percentage. Our son-in-law had to send his back a second time, and the third platae they brought him was still not right, but he ate part of it. We were all sorely disappointed.. The manager did come out and try to make amends, but what had started out to be a perfect evening was now the opposite.

Our writing world can happen the same way. We send out what we feel is a great piece of writing and we're fully expecting that the editor will think so, too, and snap it up, then send a big, fat check. But often we have to do the same as we did at the restaurant--send it back to the kitchen! We have to revise and send it out again and hope for the best. Not every day can be great, even when on vacation in a wonderful place, and not every endeavor in our writing world turns out perfect. We're hoping for a better restaurant experience tonight, and we can always hope for a better writing and marketing experience when one doesn't turn out like we hoped.


  1. Great analogy, Nancy. I hope your next meal will be writing worthy and delicious too! (smiles)