Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do You Know About Book Page?

I feel most fortunate in frequenting a public library that provides Book Page free to all patrons. The library is able to offer it at no charge because of a generous donation for the subscription made by the library's Friends group. I look forward to each new monthly edition which highlights books either just released or about to be. The 32 page newspaper format is made up of departments and features, as well as ads from publishers promoting new releases.

I can go directly to the pages that interest me most or check out each and every one. I'm not a fan of the horror or science fiction genres, but I must admit that I do scan those areas in Book Page. Why? Maybe so that I can keep up with the newest trend and authors or so that I can look semi-intelligent when a comment about these books comes up at a dinner party or cocktail affair. Or maybe, it's only that I'm a curious person and want to know what's happening.

One section I read carefully is the Book Club section which highlights three or four paperback selections that would be good reads for book clubs. I also like to read the Romance section and the Historical Fiction, as well as the Non-Fiction. Oh, let's face it--I read every single thing in this paper. What can be better than reading about reading?

If your library doesn't offer Book Page, you can read it online at www.bookpage.com  I prefer holding the paper in my hands, but the online version is well worth reading on a regular basis for those who don't have access to the print copy. You can also encourage your library to subscribe. Included in their subscription fee is the use of the back cover page for information pertaining to their library. Look for subscription info on the website or call 800-726-4242 Ext. 34


  1. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks so much for the nice comments about BookPage! It really made our day to hear that you read us cover to cover each month. Hope you'll check out our blog as well, which is updated daily with book news. And thanks again for spreading the word about BookPage.

    All best,
    Trisha Ping
    BookPage Web Editor

  2. Hi Trisha,

    Thank you for taking time to comment on this blog post. I'll definitely check out your blog. I wasn't aware Book Page had one.