Monday, August 23, 2010

On the Education Road

This is our grandson, Cole, who turned four last Friday, had a Pirate Birthday Party on Saturday, and today is taking his first step on the Education Road.

What an important step it is. It's the beginning of a long journey to graduation (hopefully) from college. It's made me think about the importance of our first school experience. Maybe pre-school teachers aren't given enough credit. They're the ones who set the tone for what is yet to come.

Cole went to an Open House at the school with his family one evening last week. He saw his classroom and met his teacher, who has the same first name as his mom. Now, that's got to be a positive. He said he liked Miss Karen, and he told  me he's going to go to school on the bus with his friends.

Cole has been with his friends, Macy and Roy, at the same babysitter for a long time. They are kind of like a second family to him, and his sitter, Chris, is most definitely a second mom to him. All three will be in the same class and ride the same bus. That has to be a comfort zone for all of them.

All three of these children are taking that first big step
today. They'll learn many things in pre-school, not the least of which is social interaction. They'll learn about following rules, and they'll do some kindergarten readiness work, too. Next year, it's on to the kindergarten and then first grade. The Education Road is long, filled with milestones, maybe a few bumps, and one of the most important roads we encounter in our lives.

May Cole and his friends, Macy and Roy, have a smooth journey.

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