Friday, October 16, 2009

A Surprise Award

When I read Lisa Gurney's "My Life As A Daughter blog "( )  this morning, I was pleased to see she had been given the Honest Scrap Award by another blogger. Upon receiving this award, which is given to bloggers who write from the heart, the recipitent is to pass it on to seven other worthy blogs and include a list of ten honest things about yourself.

Lisa earned the award with her heartfelt, informative, and heart-touching blog about her journey as caregiver to her 82 year old mother who is a victim of that cruel disease, Alzheimers. Her writing definitely comes from her heart, and I feel certain it has been a tremendous help to other caregivers. Dashes of humor balance the heaviness of the subject matter.

I've known Lisa for several years and have watched her grow as a writer, but I learned some things about her that I didn't know from her list of ten honest things.

Lisa listed four blogs that she wanted to pass the award to, and I read her short list with interest, then total amazement as I saw my own blog as one of them.
What a surprise and pleasure to see that Lisa had chosen Writer Granny's World. She said, "Nancy's blog is "A lot about my writer's world and a little about my personal world." Her writing, no matter which subject, is straight from her heart. It is something you feel as soon as you read her writing."

Thank you, Lisa, for making this day so special. And now, here are the blogs I'd like to pass the award to, followed by my list about me.

1. Barbara Warman Barbara is a writer, was a caregiver to her elderly mother, and deals with her own multiple sclerosis. Her blog entries are spread out, not done on a regular basis, but each one is filled with honest reflection, a caring heart, and worthwhile information for others.

2.  Jennie Helderman Jennie is a new blogger, very new, but I have known her a long time as a writer. In only a few entries, she's captured my attention, and I know that her writing always comes from the heart.

3.  C. Hope Clark I've never met Hope, but I read her blog regularly and subscribe to her marketing newsletters. I do so because of the great information for writers she gives on a regular basis with the newsletters, but there are also many extras in her blog, along with enough information about her personal life that I feel she's a friend without our ever having met.

And now, for my List of Ten Honest Things About Me:

1.  I'm a very social person; love to be around people.

2.  I'm a creature of habit. Too much so, at times.

3.  I have no musical skills whatsoever. The only thing I play is the radio or CDs.

4.  I have to push myself to exercise.

5.  I'm too critical of others at times but try not to voice it.

6.  I really hate to mend, shorten pants or sew on buttons.

7.  I wish I had done many things differently in raising my children, even though they both turned out to be great adults.

8.  Writing has given me a satisfaction that no other activity in life has done. I wish I hadn't waited so long to pursue the writing life.

9.  I cry in movies and books.

10.  I crave chocolate every single day of the year

Thanks again, Lisa!


  1. You are very welcome! Well deserved :-) And thanks for the kind things you've said about me.

  2. You are also an encourager.

    I think you decided long ago to balance the critical side of your nature with giving encouragement inside of critique. That decision makes you a double blessing to people like me!