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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Writers Never Stop Learning

All of the situations in the poster above offer a time to learn. In my writing world I've learned more things than you can put in a vast abyss. Well, perhaps that is a bit of exaggeration but please remember that writers are know to be creative. Still, I have acquired a whole lot of knowledge about this writing business.

If you have learned nothing along your writing journey, you either are not looking as you traverse the writing path or you were a phenomenal writer at the very beginning. There are, however, very few of us who have no reason to learn anything more about our craft. 

Develop the habit of asking yourself what you can learn each time you receive a rejection. The lesson is there but it's up to us to decipher it. 

What else can writers do to learn more about the writing craft and their own writing? Here's my list: 
  • Read about the craft of writing on a regular basis
  • Read other peoples' writing frequently
  • Go to conferences
  • Study the pieces that have been rejected for the 'why'
  • Continue writing regularly--the more you write, the more you learn
  • Analyze writing of others that you don't like as to the 'why'
  • Join a writing group and actively participate
  • Listen carefully to what others in a writing group say
  • Study guidelines of places where you want to submit
  • Do one on one critiques with another writer
  • Join a local or state writers' association
  • Learn from your mistakes
The last in this list is probably the most important. I can honestly say that the more I write, the more I've learned. 

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