Friday, August 4, 2017

Worthy Words For Writers

If you've ever sent in a submission to an editor and then sat back and waited, and waited, and waited some more, you know how frustrating it can be. Today's poster brings us a lovely picture and some worthy words. Let's look at the three pieces of advice it offers.

Believe:  To accomplish anything in this writing game, we do need to be able to believe that we can be successful. Many beginners start out with the attitude that they will write this and then write that and sell them and keep on going on the carousel where the brass ring awaits. Then, reality hits when rejection after rejection arrives, or worse--when no word arrives at all. It doesn't take long to deflate and sink into despair. At that point, it's time to step back and quiz yourself. Do you believe in yourself as a writer? If you do, you'll knock away those rejections and move on to a new writing project. If you believe in yourself, you'll forge ahead, not give up. One way to believe in yourself as a writer is to take an objective look at several pieces you've written. Try to trade places with your readers. How do see the story, essay or poem? Is it interesting? Is it error-free? Is it motivating, stimulating or inspiring? If you can answer yes to most of the questions, you can feel assured that you are truly a 'writer' and keep writing. If you answered no to some or all, it's time to work on those items. If you believe in yourself as a writer, you can make adjustments or improvements. If you don't believe, you can end up stuck where you are. 

Wait: Oh, how hard it is to wait and wait and wait to hear about a submission. If you've read books on the craft of writing, the universal advice on submitting your work is to submit and then immediately move on to the next writing project. Submit and write at all times. Keep the Ferris wheel of submissions moving. Submit one piece, then another and another along with starting new writing projects. A dear writer friend just finished her first novel. She announced recently that she has submitted it to a contest and three publishers. Now, she begins The Long Wait. She's a good writer and will get back to writing immediately. But even busy writing, underneath, she is waiting with butterflies in her tummy. I've often said that becoming a writer has taught me to be a more patient person. Nothing happens fast in this business. 

Don't give up: This is probably the most important of the three pieces of advice here today. If you become hurt over rejections, start doubting yourself, or become terribly frustrated with the waiting, it's quite possible that you'll decide to chuck it all and move on with your life. If you truly love to write and if you like what you write, stay the course. Don't give up! There are a lot of words that can be applied here-- words like patience, persistence, determination, stubborn, goal-setter, hard-working, passionate. How many of these labels apply to you? If you don't have some of these traits, how can you acquire them? Go back to the Believe part, then Wait and see what happens. Please Don't give up.

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