Monday, August 7, 2017

A Day Filled With Stories

Only a week ago, I wrote a post about seeing story ideas while at a German Youth Symphony Orchestra concert. Every few minutes that evening, I saw a possible story to be written later.

Yesterday was much the same but in a different situation. Our daughter and her husband are on vacation with another couple. Their two children, 11 and 13, are being looked after by both sets of grandparents. We were on our way to start our half of the care giving time when I received a text from the children's Nana. It took my breath away! Our 13 year old granddaughter had passed out, cutting her chin on the edge of a counter top as she fell. Nana and Grandpa were on the way to the Emergency Room. STORY

Trying to remain calm, I called Nana to see if they wanted us to meet them at the hospital, wait at the house or what? We were only 15 minutes from our destination. She thought it would be best if we'd wait at the house and she'd let us know how things progressed. Modern technology allows us to keep in touch at all times. STORY

Of course, a hundred questions skipped merrily through my mind. Shortly after we'd arrived and been duly greeted by our two large granddogs, Nana texted that Jordan had her chin 'glued' and been checked out, ready to be dismissed. I texted back asking what they wanted to do about lunch. Our plan had been to go somewhere to eat, then back to the house for a small birthday celebration for Cole, soon to turn 11. Back and forth we texted trying to decide where to go. Decision made so we headed to the restaurant. STORY

Jordan told us that the doctor thought gluing was a better option than stitches and he explained some possible reasons for her fainting. She seemed perfectly normal which allowed Ken and me to breathe a sigh of relief. STORY

Next, we had a committee meeting at lunch as to when to tell the parents. We hated to disturb their vacation with this kind of news. Definitely would have had it been more serious. Mom and Dad facetime the kids late afternoon every day so it was decided to wait and tell them then. STORY

Still filled from a big lunch, we had Cole's birthday celebration when we got back to the house. He enjoyed being the center of attention after waiting patiently while Jordan was cared for at the hospital. And he also liked celebrating 2 weeks before his actual birthday. What boy wouldn't? STORY

Facetime with the parents arrived along with a multitude of questions with photos being sent from here to there. STORY

Nana and Grandpa left for home and we, Grandma and Poppy, took over supervising until Mom and Dad get home. We don't consider it babysitting any longer now that the kids are older. STORY

In the evening, the four of us played Monopoly. I cannot even begin to count how many years it's been since Ken and I have played that great game. What was so interesting was watching how each of the kids handled the money, bought property and negotiated to swap or buy more from other players. Turned out to be a very interesting evening with Poppy beating all three of us bigtime! STORY

Look how many stories there are in the things that happened in one day. Each place where you see the big, red STORY, a fully expanded tale could be written. Each one might be used as an example to begin an essay or a full family story to be saved for many years. I only hit the highlights here, but if you wrote the story, you would add emotion, sensory details, show a sense of place, some action and more.

As you go through your day, jot down notes about anyone or anything that could evolve into a full nonfiction story or something to use as a base for a fiction piece. Look for stories wherever you go, whatever you do.

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