Monday, June 12, 2017

Reviewing A New Mystery

HUSH GIRL  by Gloria Zachgo

Isn't this an intriguing book cover? The title made me want to read the book. Who said those words? And to whom? Under what circumstance? Titles are of great importance; they either make you stop and ponder or are such that you slide right on by. Kudos to author, Gloria Zachgo on title selection. 

This self-published book is a mystery but could be classified in women's fiction. Nicki is married and mother of two children. She experiences panic attacks and nightmares about her childhood. She was the youngest of three children and only five when her mother left the family. A woman named Sharon moved into the house. She loved Nicki's older sister, Cindy, but made life a living hell for Nicki and her brother, Brian. Years later, Nicki still does not understand.

At the urging of her understanding husband, she seeks help from a therapist. Because she is incapable of verbalizing her fears and dreams, the doctor has her start a daily journal and a notebook where she records memories and dreams that haunt her. Nicki makes slow progress but then is terrified by a woman who stalks her. 

As bits and pieces of her childhood terrors return, the unknown woman continues to make life frightening for Nicki and her sister, Cindy. Nicki puts the puzzle together piece by piece, even as the woman becomes bolder in her assault. 

Gloria Zachgo has given us a mystery that will keep a reader's interest. I did find that the farther I read, the more hooked I felt. My interest level was not high at the beginning but definitely continued an upward trend. The author has captured the feelings of a person like Nicki who is living with so many unanswered questions which leads to her panic attacks and nightmares. Her secondary characters are well developed, also. 

Tomorrow's blog will feature part 1 of an interview with Glroia Zachgo who has self-published three novels and has a fourth swirling in her mind. Look for Hush Girl It's Only A Dream at Amazon. Right now, only the ebook edition is listed but the paperback will be available quite soon.

Check back tomorrow for part 1 of my interview with Gloria Zachgo. 

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