Monday, March 13, 2017

Write Stories About March Madness

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March Madness begins this week. There are so many great stories that have been written in the sports world. Some highlight players while others feature entire university teams. There are thrilling stories, exciting stories, sad ones, too.

Our Kansas State team was on the bubble but they made it and will play Wake Forest in Dayton, OH on Tuesday evening. What I'd give to be there, but I will be watching on tv, for sure.

For a writing exercise today,  study that basketball and the basket, then try writing something about basketball. Let your imagination run wild. Here are a few triggers to help you. You could write:

  • a story for kids'
  • about a team you follow
  • about how you know nothing about the sport nor do you care
  • feature a player you admire
  • about a university team you follow
  • about what a basketball coach's life is like
  • about what the wife of a basketball coach puts up with
  • about a memorable game
  • about the way referees give you grief
  • about kids on a university team and what they deal with
  • about players who get in trouble
  • about being the parent of a player
  • about being a great fan
  • about working at the concession stand during a big game
  • about being an announcer at a big game
Make it fiction or nonfiction. Use your imagination with the fiction stories and make your true stories sing to the reader.

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