Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Motivation For Writers

Motivation is powerful. It's what moves us to accomplish things. It's not something we put on with our clothes each morning. We don't pour it out of a bottle and wash our face with it. We don't spread it on our toast and swallow it merrily, waiting for it to work. If only!

I think the poster nails it. We are not constantly motivated. Some days we aren't one bit inspired to write. Other times we wake up excited about an idea that came in the night and we can hardly wait to get to a notebook or our computer.

What do you do when you are not motivated? There is no pill. No magical potion. Nothing tangible. There are a few ways that we become excited about writing, want to get to it right away.

  • Don't allow yourself to give in to distractions; be firm with yourself
  • Give yourself one spot where you write; sit there and know that this is the place to write
  • Set small deadlines for yourself
  • Use tools like twitter or facebook; I get more ideas than I can use from things I see on social media
  • Make a commitment to write a certain amount of each day
  • Work with another writer on an exercise; challenge each other
  • Train yourself to have a writer's eyes; look for story ideas wherever you go
  • Read; reading what others have written can motivate you to do your own writing
  • Go to a writing conference; motivation hovers over the room like the rays of the sun; plenty for everyone
  • Read a book about writing; jot ideas on a notepad as you read
  • Attend a play or concert; I am often motivated to write afterwards
Here's a poster that you can print and post in your writing space. These guys should surely motivate you.

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If you have special motivational techniques, share them with us in the comments section.

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