Monday, March 20, 2017

Thoughts About Spring For Writers

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It's the first day of spring in this year of 2017. Here in Kansas, it's a glorious sunny day with afternoon temps to be in the low 70's. Couldn't ask for better. When seasons change, our thoughts turn to writing about what the new season brings to mind. Some from our childhood days.

The poster above is lovely but it has nothing written on it. Maybe today is the day for you to write something about spring that might be put on that that blank piece of flower-decorated paper. Below are a few triggers to help you get started.

  • kites
  • baseball and softball
  • spring flowers
  • grass turning green
  • buds, flowers and leaves on trees
  • different kind of clothing to be worn
  • rain showers
  • thunderstorms
  • tornadoes (where I live, they are a huge part of spring)
  • Easter
  • Passover
  • foods we eat in spring
  • games we played as children
  • Mother's Day
  • graduation

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