Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I Tried Something New, How About You?

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Blogger nudged me to try a new theme for Writer Granny's World, so I experimented by previewing several. I found two that I liked and that seemed very spring-like. Back and forth. Which one should I choose. I finally settled on the one you see here today. A new look. Let me know if you like it.

In our writing life, we could sometimes use a new look, too. It's all too easy to stay in a comfortable spot, to keep on with the routine that has worked for you. Maybe it becomes a wee bit too comfortable, so much so that you begin to fear trying other ways to write, to submit, to edit, to market and more.

Trying new ways means you are going to have to expend some effort. You're not going to be able to slip into your favored mode which feels so right, so good, so--you. You're probably thinking If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or maybe I'm too old to change my ways now.  Or What if I make changes and I get nowhere?

All those thoughts have some validity but they also say that you would rather stay right where you are. We talk about our Writing Journey and our Writing Path. Both of those terms indicate that we move, that we don't land in one spot and stay there. The only way you will advance on that trip is to try new things occasionally.

Note that I said occasionally. I wouldn't suggest that you go back to the beginning and change everything about your writing life. That's fodder for a nervous breakdown! Start with one thing, even something very small. Stay with it until you decide if it was a good change or one that you want to scratch. Trial and error comes into play when we change our ways. Some work and some do not.

Changing something in your writing routine can give you a real lift in spirit and even be motivation to keep writing. Even this small change I made today, with the different theme for the blog, has made me feel good.

Consider what you might change and give it a try. If you hate it, you can slide right back into that comfort zone again.

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