Friday, February 10, 2017

We're Each A Committee of One

What would you change in your writing life past? What chances did you have that you passed up? How many decisions did you let hang so long that they were no longer relevant? How many story ideas did you never work on?

It's probable that most of us would have a story to illustrate one of the situations I mentioned. Revisiting those times is not going to change it but perhaps it will help you address future decisions.

I know that one thing I would change in my writing life is that I would have started writing far sooner than I did. Time and again, I have chastised myself for letting life get in the way and never writing all the things swirling in my mind until I was in my mid-fifties. What I did earlier was important, too, but in retrospect, I should have tried to fit in some writing around my other responsibilities.

We all have regrets. Bigger than having them is that we should learn from our bad choices, missed chances and overlong decision making. Instead of dwelling on what might have been, ask yourself how you can make better choices. How can you pursue better relationships within your writing world? How will you conquer the fear that sometimes holds you back?

We'd love to run to the Great Writing Guru and purchase a dose of this or that to help us with these problems. I've never found him and I doubt you have either. Instead, we must rely on our own actions. We're each a committee of one. It's up to us to change the past into a brighter future in our writing world.

Can we consult one another for some guidance? Certainly. But ultimately, it is up to us as individuals to learn from our past and move steadily on into the future in our writing journey.

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