Thursday, December 1, 2016

If I Had A Magic Wand,...

My wish for all you writers who read this blog is to find at least three acceptances from editors in your stocking. Or maybe your inbox of your email account. If I could wave a magic wand and make it happen for you, I would. 

Sadly, I have no magic wand and no powers that would make it change your writing life for you. You are the one who has control of your writing life. No one but you alone. Sometimes, it feels a little lonesome being the one in charge, doesn't it? It might be a comfort to have someone guide you finding a home for your writing.

You can make the chances of your work being accepted much greater by doing simple things. Submit! Send your work to an editor! Query a publisher! Study the markets until you're sick of looking at them! None of your work will ever be published unless you do these things. 

If you're a writer, you know that this is what you must do. But knowing it and doing it can be two different worlds. Consider these points:
  • Concentrate on your strongest areas of writing
  • Send work to editors you've worked with in the past (doesn't hurt to remind them that you were published at their publication)
  • Cruise the writing world newsletters for contests to enter
  • Read newsletters that include calls for submission
  • Study the art of writing a query letter before you actually send one
  • Read market listings in writer magazines, newsletters, or online by using a search engine
  • Follow writer guidelines to the letter for a better chance of acceptance
  • Be aware that time sensitive work must be sent months ahead
  • Make it a goal to send X number of submissions each month--you choose the number
  • Have submissions out every month of the year, not just now and then
Instead of waving a magic wand, I'll hope that this month is a spectacular finish to your writing year. 


  1. Absolutely, and excellent advice. Happy Holidays, Nancy!

    1. Thanks Tracy. Hoping for a top-notch December for you.