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Monday, August 8, 2016

My Memorable Books List

We are back from our summer getaway to Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Lots of time on the screened-in deck watching the lake activity from boats of all kinds and speeds to turtle family to young teen cleaning fish he'd caught. Good food at a variety of restaurants, a bit of shopping, as well.

Now, it's time to get back to my writing world. I read an article in today's newspaper about the books that meant something to you, ones that you remember well even though you may have read them many years ago. I started pondering on what books that I've read over the years have stayed with me. My list ( in no particular order)  is below along with a comment as to why they are books stored carefully in my memory bank.  Make a list of your own and reasons why you still think of them fondly.

My Memorable Books

1. The Nancy Drew Mystery series by Carolyn Keene--she was such a role model for young girls, plus I liked her name.

2.  Sue Barton, Nurse series by Helen Dore Boylston--I had delusions of becoming a nurse and wanted to read all I could about that profession. After learning you had to take chemistry, I changed to teaching in a hurry.

3.  The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher--this book by an English author is one I think every mother and every daughter should read.

4.  A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford--by far her best novel; the story of a woman's life which spoke to me in many ways--a rags to riches story

5.  Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell--this one hooked me on historical fiction for life

6.  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte--stayed with me after reading it as a young woman

7.  Death Comes For The Archbishop by Willa Cather--made me cry both times I read it

8.  Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney--it was the first book during my childhood that showed me what poverty and deprivation are like

No doubt, I will think of others to add to my list in the next few days. I believe I learned something from all of the books listed above. I gained understanding of myself and others. Some helped me set goals in my life. And others were just dearly loved stories.

Looking at how books have affected my life should have some bearing on my own writing. More than 'should have'--I think that the books in my list and several others have had a lot of influence on my own writing.

Make your list and see what effect the books you cherish most have had on your writing life.

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