Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Voice in Writing

How is a writer going to be separated from other writers? One way is to develop your own voice as a writer. Many writers become confused as to what voice in writing is.

Voice is your style, your way of writing that is different from other writers. It's unique to you. It's the way you talk transferred to your writing. If you're born and bred in the deep South, your voice is going to come through in a very different manner than someone from New Hampshire. In addition, your life experiences will influence the voice you use when you write.

Those two people above are trying to shout each other down. They should forget that and work on developing their own voice for the stories or essays or articles that they write.

Have you ever heard a reader mention that they love a certain author and read all of his/her books? One of the things they find attractive is the voice that writer has developed. It's the way he/she says whatever they say. It's a matter of style.

Make a list of your favorite authors. Then ask yourself what it is about their voice, or style, that attracts you. You may want to write just like they do. Well, don't!

Instead, you want to develop your own voice, one that is unique to you and you alone. How do you do this? For one thing, don't try to copy others. Be yourself. Don't try to write in many different styles. Find what is comfortable for you and stay with it.

The more you write, the more your voice will come through to your readers. It's almost a natural progression. Work too hard at it and you'll end up sounding like a chorus of writers, not just you.

If you're still confused about a writer's voice, use your favorite search engine and read several articles to get a clearer picture.

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