Thursday, June 23, 2016

Are You A Positive Or A Negative?

Maybe I don't need to write a post today. This poster says it all so very well. Superb advice for our writing life and the rest of it, as well. However, being word-loving me, I will add my thoughts to the quote above. Do remember that this is my opinion. You may have an entirely different viewpoint.

We all know the old cliche It's water over the dam. Might be old but it still works when we start crying over what happened before today. It's done. It's over. You aren't going to be able to change it. Forget it!

That's easy to say but not always so easy to do. Many of us have to work at having the ability to put the past behind us and look ahead. It seems people are divided into the positives and the negatives. The negatives are more likely to dwell on the broken pieces of yesterday while the positives are going to have an easier time in looking ahead and beginning anew.

I fall into the positives group and I'm thankful that I do. How does it happen? How do we become one or the other? If we want to change, how do we do it?

When I look back at my growing-up years, it seems to me that I should have fallen into the negatives group. My dad was one of the original male chauvinists. He really believed that women could not do a man's job and he made it very clear to all how he felt. As far as he was concerned, my lot in life would be to marry, bear children and wait on others. I've done that and a whole lot more. What I'm pointing out is that my positive nature came out very early. Maybe it was a I'll show him! kind of thing. One of the reasons I try to stay positive and look ahead rather than back is that I know doing so makes me feel better. So why not pursue the pluses in life so that I can continue to feel better?

Do I ever get down? Do I ever sound negative? Of course, I do but I don't let it take hold of my life and continue in the same vein. Ever give yourself a verbal spanking? Well, I have done so many times, especially when those negative feelings begin to creep up. I can talk myself right out of them and start looking ahead.

If the writing project you're working on gave you fits yesterday, look at today as a whole new beginning. Start with a positive attitude and I bet your writing works out better, too. Wallow in yesterday's problems and today could very well end up the same way.

Why are some people more prone to dwell in the negatives? Fear and lack of self-confidence come into play here. Life experiences are also a factor but I think that there is something inborn in people that might push them into either that positive or negative group. That doesn't mean you have to stay there. You can work your way out and it might really be hard work.

There are also people who fall in the middle; they have both positive and negative tendencies. Might depend on which way the writing wind is blowing. Decide which place you are most comfortable. If you want to change, start a little at a time. If you're happy in whichever group you're in, then stay there but remember that it was your choice.

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