Friday, March 18, 2016

How To Believe In Yourself

Writers are great self-doubters. We often have to work very hard to have a positive attitude and beleive we can write something worthy of publication. Even if we write a story, essay or poem that makes us feel like we've got something readers will like, that feeling might last only until we start looking for a market. Then our confidence level can go down slowly like a pin-pricked party balloon. When you start a writing project that is bigger than anything else you've tried, it's frightening and not a confidence booster.

This poster hits three good points, two of them being my own keywords:  Patience and Perseverance. The third one is believing those two keywords. Success in getting our work published certainly helps the belief part. It's more difficult to continue believing when we receive one rejection after another but it's not impossible. It's also not an easy task.

Here's the third poster that urges you to believe in yourself. If there are so many good quotes about doing so, it's pretty clear that it's important. You're probably thinking that it's easy for me to tell you to believe in yourself but how do you actually do it? 

I think the first thing to do is to get rid of the negative thoughts. When one comes along, push it away and replace it with something positive. Keep doing it and you might develop a habit of getting rid of the self-doubt. Not in two days but over time. It won't be easy but work at it.

Next, when you read over something you've written, look for the positives. Ask yourself What did I do well here? You've also got to look for the places that need work, as well but start with the good things first. 

Think about the pieces of writing that you're proud of. Aw c'mon--you know there are some writing projects that you felt especially good about. Believe that, if you wrote something really good once or more times, then you can do it again. 

If others compliment your writing abilities and/or publication successes, accept graciously and feel good about yourself. Do not put yourself down to others in a situation like this. Sure, your mother taught you to be humble but that's not for this situation. Each time someone compliments your writing or you see sales going up for a book you've written, it's another reason to believe in yourself. If others do, why shouldn't you? 

There is another factor that figures in for people who have trouble believing in themself. If you grew up in a family where someone, a parent or sibling, constantly told you that you were worthless, undeserving and more, it's not easy to overcome. You have to work harder than the average person to believe in yourself. Even so, you can do it if you work at it. You might even take an attitude of I'll show them! That could be very motivating. I've been there but I've moved beyond what I'd been told for so long and you can, too.

Slam the door on self-doubt. Acentuate the positive. Believe. Stop wallowing in the I can't... thoughts. Keep quotes on believing in yourself and read them often. Little by little, you can change. 

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