Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Troubles For My Blog and Other Worldly Connections

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The photo above is not me, but it's a reasonable fascimile. As most of you know, we made a move across town on the 16th of January. Everything went just fine except for our phone service and then, the internet connection. I won't detail the issue but suffice it to say that it has tried my patience.

Hah! Haven't patience and perseverance always been the keywords in my writing world? I've mastered being patient in that world but when it comes to being connected to the world via internet--that's a different story. 

Part of the problem involved one phone company cutting the lines of another. Shouldn't that be illegal?  I would think so but apparently not. Another factor was the woman at the internet server neglectging to put in the order to change my service from one address to another. That was not found out until about 10 days had gone by. 

Today, the modem has all the right lights doing what they are suppose to but access it the internet is still blocked. So, I am on a guest server which is not secure. We're getting closer to solving the problem but not there yet. Perseverance! That's the other keyword that I need to keep in mind right now.

I am hoping to get this solved soon and back to my regular schedule of posting Monday through Friday. Meanwhile, I hope you writers are continuing to write and the readers are reading on a regular basis. 

For the readers--I am almost finished with Kate Morton's newest novel titled The Lake House. If you've enjoyed her earlier novels, I'd recommend seeeking this one for a good winter read. I hope to offer a review of it once things here get back to normal. 

I've missed connecting with the Followers and readers of this blog. 

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