Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Small Goals For Writers Add Up

Any regular reader here knows I like lists. I didn't realize that lists were among my favorite things until a reader mentioned that she enjoyed my posts that included lists because she especially liked that form of organization. Her comment opened my eyes to the fact that I felt much the same way. I think it is because I have always been an organized person and a list is the perfect way to accomplish that.

Thus, today's poster is a list for those who whine. Oh come on...there are lots of you out there who whine about not being able to get any writing done. Hey, I'm one of them myself at times. Thinking about a big writing project can be overwhelming. Walking on the moon was probably pretty overwhelming in 1950 but by taking a step at a time in the future space program, we accomplished it.

You can reach your writing goal using the same process. Set a series of small goals that are attainable instead of making that one huge goal your end-all, be-all. Try to accomplish too much all at one time and you could end up making yourself a nervous wreck. You don't want to do that. Even though writing is darned hard work, there should be an element of fun, or satisfaction, in it, too.

There are times when we have to choose whether to write those 50 words or 400 words or a full manuscript. There's nothing wrong in writing 50 words and moving on to some other task. Come back later or two days hence and add another 50. No amount you write is too small. What is too little is to not write at all because you think you can't get the whole project completed.

Look at #4. I love how simple it is and yet what excellent advice. By writing every day, no matter how many words, we establish a habit. It's one of the reasons I have kept on with this blog for so many years on a Monday through Friday basis. It's become a habit that makes me write those 5 days of the week.

There are 8 points in this list. I could write a blog post on each and every one and I've probably touched on many in previous posts.

Use this list to remind yourself to slow down and take the steps to your final goal slowly but surely. You'll get there eventually. I've always been a NOW person, a person in a hurry, a person who want results right away. I sometimes think that becoming a writer served to teach me to slow down and take life in shorter hops instead of trying to accomplish too much at one time. It's worked in my writing life and I'm trying to apply it in my everyday life, as well. I've succeeded at times but still have little blips along the way.

We aren't perfect people so we're not going to be perfect writers either. But we can work to achieve being a better writer with the 8 step plan in today's poster. So go ahead--write 50 words today. It's a beginning. Remember this--there is no end unless there is a beginning!

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