Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Need a Little Motivation To Write A Seasonal Story?

What words come to mind when you study this picture? It seemed a perfect photo for a Photo Prompt Writing Exercise. 

Some of the words that came to me as I gazed at this scene are:
  • peace
  • cold
  • long ago
  • warmth inside 
  • glow
  • Christmas
  • rural area
And then I wondered who might be inside the carriage. Other thoughts I had are:
  • Who was waiting in the fully lighted house?
  •  Would there be a joyous reunion? 
  • Or would the greetings at the door be as frigid as the snow outside?
  •  Where did the tree standing inside come from? 
  • Who decorated it? 
  • What aromas met the callers as they entered the house?
  • What gifts did the callers bring?
  • Was it perhaps only a doctor in the carriage after being called by the home's owner?
  • What kind of room was in the tower at the top of the house? 
When you do an exercise like this, take some time to study the picture. Note the details, not just the main things that jump out immediately. Let your mind consider questions like I did above. 

Your writing effort for this photo prompt could quite easily turn into a Christmas story that you can market for 2016. Too many writers turn their nose up at doing an exercise like this. It's too bad as many a good story can come from using this motivational device. Awww, go on--give it try!

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