Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Little List For Writers of Children's Stories

I've been sharing some lists for various types of writing this week. The checkpoints can help you assess your work. Most are things we already know but serve here as reminders.

Today, my list is for those who write for children. Anyone who has never attempted to write fiction or nonfiction for kids has no idea just how exacting and difficult it can be. But it's also a lot of fun to create something that a child will read and enjoy. And perhaps even learn from.

This list will remind you of some of the things important in a story for children.
Ask yourself Did I...
  • preach too much?
  • I talk down to kids?
  • let an adult solve the problem in the story?
  • let the child in the story figure it out?
  • use tension to keep interest?
  • use sensory details?
  • make use of some humor?
  • have a good opening hook?
  • create a satisfying ending?
  • use the proper vocabulary for the age group I aimed for?
  • like the story when I finished it?
You don't want to answer yes to all these questions. You'll know which ones should have yes answers and which should not.

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