Monday, October 12, 2015

Write For The Sheer Love Of It

 I wholeheartedly agree. Write because you love it. If you somehow become famous or make a lot of money along the way, so much the better. But, don't make fame and fortune your number one reason for writing.

I fear that people who do so don't put heart and soul into their work like the person who writes because they love it. Sooner or later, it shows. Those who write only for fame or lots of dollars might as well find some other job for I doubt writing will be satisfying to them. Sure, it might work dor a few but they probably don't get much satisfcation out of the actual writing. 

We've all heard people say "It's a job." when someone asks how they like doing whatever it is--accounting, clerking in a retail setting, delivering the mail or slinging hash in a diner. Wouldn't it be nice if they could exclaim "I love it!" If you have a passion for writing, you could be the person to say those three little words. 

We all need a break or a little vacation away from whatever work we do. When you stop writing for a few days or a week or more, how do you feel? Do you miss it? If you truly love writing, you' will. I'm not saying you shouldn't take that break now and then. It does us all some good to get away from what we do on a regular basis. I find that, after a vacation, I'm anxious to get back to writing. 

I have to admit that I often do write something when I'm on vacation. Maybe not a full story or a lengthy poem or essay, but I'll jot down parts of a poem or an idea for a story. I need to do so while it is fresh in my mind. If I wait til I get home, more than likely the ideas are still floating away on a blue lake. 

Write for the sheer love of it.

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