Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Simply Write

How many of you were scouts in your growing up years? Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts learned so many skills.They also found out that giving service to others proved satisfying as well as helpful to others.

I started my scouting life as a Brownie. How I loved getting that brown uniform and the little beanie we wore with it. By fourth grade, we had the flying up ceremony to become a full Girl Scout. Time for the green uniform and the badges we sewed on. I stayed in Girl Scouts through the 8th grade. That final year, I was president of my troop. Little did  I know that it was the first of many presidencies I would assume throughout my lifetime.

My husband was a Boy Scout and worked his way up to achieving Eagle Scout status. He still has a box filled with his scout paraphernalia. We've dragged it around with us for the fifty-one years of our marriage. For some reason, he cannot seem to part with it.

We learned the pledge and repeated it at every meeting. I learned that saying that pledge meant more than spouting out mere words. Our Leaders made sure we knew the seriousness of pledging.Which brings me to the poster above.

The Girl Scout is giving writers some good advice and a pledge of our own. It's so simple but right on. Your are a writer. Write. You sure don't need an explanation for that, do you?

It is your task, your duty and your honor today.If we have pledged to be a writer, then it is all three of those things--task, duty, and honor. It is a reason to write.

Simply write. This is my favorite part. So short. So clear. So important. You may not write a full story or essay or article each day. You might write only a few paragraphs. That's fine. The important thing is to simply write.

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