Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Unique Birthday Gift You Can Give

Today is our third granddaughter's birthday. Jordan celebrates 12 years on this mid-October day. I spent some time this morning looking at pictures of this child from infancy on to her sixth grade year. What a lot of things she's done in her time here. She's an athlete, a good student, a loving sister, and more. We sent her a card and money to buy something she chooses herself.

I also thought about another gift we can give to our beloved grandchildren or even our own children. We can write a story for them or maybe one about them. It's definitely a unique gift because no one but you can write that particular story.

I have a feeling a child could go two ways when receiving a gift like this. They could act disappointed and toss it aside or they could be thrilled. Even those who ignored the value of such a gift may someday see what a treasure it is. I discussed saving letters in yesterday's post but I would also hope that a mother or dad might be sure to save the birthday story written for their child.

Considering that possible disappointment in a young child when receiving a story as a gift, you might want to add a toy or something new to wear.

What kind of story should you write for your grandchild? Or child? Or special friend? It could be a true family story with characters being people the recipient knows. It might be pure fiction but naming the heroine or hero with the child's own name. It could be a story that centers on something you and the child have done or talked about. Once again, use your writer's imagination.

Jordan is a reader so I think she'd like a story that has personal ties. Not all children are fans of reading. I'd write a personal story for that child for who could ignore a story about themself?

One good topic for your story might be retelling all that occurred on the day the child was born. Special days like that are in our minds forever. Or about other special birthday's in the child's life.

Here are a few pictures of our birthday girl. Age 3, 10 and with Willie Wildcat at KSU basketball camp.



  1. What a lovely idea! My boys would love getting a story written about them. Taking this idea a step further by creating it on a site such as Shutterfly or Snapfish so you could add photos too!! Pinning this to Pinterest so I can remember!

    1. Robyn--interesting about you pinning it on Pinterest. I'm on it and put my posts on it but I can't say I spend a lot of time there. Maybe I should!