Monday, February 2, 2015

Looking For A Writing Topic?

That short month of the year has arrived. It may have fewer days than any other month of the year but it's filled with lots of things for me. My son and oldest granddaughter were both born in this second month of the year as were several friends. We all celebrate Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, and President's Day.

I also like February because it brings us just a wee bit closer to spring in the middle part of the country. In Kansas, we often have some nice warm-ups but also some cold, wintery weather as well. 

All of the things I've mentioned in the first two paragraphs could be topics for a writing project. Had I put them in list form, it would be fairly long. I hear so many writers say they have trouble finding a topic to write about. It's hard for me to understand that because I see writing topic material around me all the time. 

Sometimes, I get an idea for a blog post in the strangest places or unusual times of the day or night. My biggest problem is not the topic itself but in jotting down a few words or lines to help me remember the good idea I had. If I don't, it slips away very easily. And that's not just because I am a senior citizen! Younger people experience this same kind of memory problem. That good idea, once out of sight, can disappear leaving you groping to bring it back.

Keep a small notepad with you so you can write a few words that will help you remember what your super idea was. Or write it down as soon as you get home from wherever this idea popped up. 

When you get a glimmer of an idea for a story, play the What if...? game. Ask yourself that question as you ponder the story idea. It's quite helpful. 

Take advantage of February and what it brings us to help you find writing topics. Take a look at this chart to help you with even more special moments in February.Some things are listed more than once and some are days you will not know. Google those. Then get started writing!

Feb 1SundayNational Freedom Day
Feb 2MondayGroundhog Day
Feb 4WednesdayTu Bishvat/Tu B'Shevat
Feb 4WednesdayRosa Parks Day

Feb 6FridayNational Wear Red Day
Feb 12ThursdayLincoln's Birthday

Feb 12ThursdayLincoln's Birthday

Feb 14SaturdayValentine's Day
Feb 15SundaySusan B Anthony's Birthday

Feb 16MondayPresidents' Day (Washington's Birthday)
Feb 16MondayDaisy Gatson Bates Day

Feb 17TuesdayShrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras

Feb 17TuesdayShrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras
Feb 17TuesdayShrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras

Feb 18WednesdayAsh Wednesday
Feb 19ThursdayChinese New Year

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